Media Files Recovery

  • Amazing media file recovery application for both Windows and Mac based computers.

  • Efficiently recover media files such as from iPod and other portable music player cards

  • Supports quick recovery of Windows Media Player files.

  • Rescues more than 300 different types of file.

Media files or digital media files include audio files, video files picture files. In our day to day life, every single individual manages time to listen to music, watch videos on their cell phone, computer, or laptops and even capture photos or watch them on their digital camera and mobile phones. Your media files may have different file formats based in the file type like for photo files there can be extensions unlike- JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD, TIF and TIFF etc. All the above mentioned file formats falls into the Generic photo / image type. There are also RAW pictures that are captured by your high-definition still or digital cameras such as Sony, Minolta, Kodak, Panasonic, Nikon, canon, Samsung and Olympus etc. Again the Raw images are also type of digital media files but they have different file extensions based on the digital device which are being used to capture photo files or record some fabulous or interesting moments. There file format includes- CRW, NEF, ARW, ORF, MRW, RAWRAF, KDC and lots more. Coming to the audio and video file formats, they have different digital signatures too such as AVI, MP4, MPEG, MP3, AIF, RM, 3GP, MOV, MPEG, WAV and MIDI etc.

Coming to topic on how one can easily recover media files that has been accidentally deleted from his / her digital media devices or electronic devices, let us look into a scenario where user first connects his Windows computer to the internet and then switches his mood to listen to some background music while uploading or mailing some official documents to the clients. But the worst happens when the all of a sudden an anonymous alert pops up demanding for software up gradation. User clicks on the option and continues with his work, later user remains awed to view that some of his digital media files were missing from his computer. User thoroughly searches his Recycle Bin but it was of no use. User combs internet specially to get the video file of his office function where he bagged two awards. Since it is not possible to undelete Windows media player files as the past time won’t return, user really gets worried and panic stricken. This is a very common scenario that almost every one of us has come across. Although audio or video files can re-downloaded from the internet but the images cannot be. You may lose your all time treasured and cherished clicks from your mobile phones, Smartphone, tablets etc. Now here we have come with an award winning and industrially tested software, which uses all the modern technologies and search algorithms to search thoroughly through your device or gadgets to get back all the deleted, lost or corrupted media files. By installing this software on your laptop / desktop and then connecting your tablets, cell phones or digital camera you can recover deleted media files from Blackberry, Sony Ericson, Samsung, LG, Nokia, HTC, Micromax and many other different brands of cell phones with few fast clicks.

Have you Lost Video Files From Your Android Handset??

Almost 80% of the people across the globe are using Android based cell phone. These days’ people are gluing to the Android platform just because of its advanced features and uncountable popular and free applications. But there are certain programs built in it, which when user runs, resets the entire functionality of the gadget. For instance take the “Reset Factory Setting” option. One of the user queried once that she have unintentionally clicked on the above mentioned option, just to check its functionality but it turned out to be a nightmare for her, when she realized that everything got reset on her new phone and all the media files that were included in it vanished into ether. It’s miserable to lose your recent holiday trip clicks. What do you do now? How will you recover media files Android device? Relax!! You no longer need to scratch your head, take a deep breath; here we introduce you to the new Android restoration application that is even compatible with the Android 4.2 platform on your HTC, Samsung, Sony, Micromax, Motorola and LG mobile phones. You can also run this software to get back images from your Android based digital camera of different brands like Samsung and Nikon etc. You can go through the entire article by clicking on the above link.

Mac Media Recovery Tool

iPod, is the product from the Apple group, which is a Smart electronic gadget that includes features like, iTunes, iPhotos, and offers excellent music experience. iPod runs on Apple’s iOS operating system. It has many functions like the multi colored touch screen, virtual keyboards, app stores, etc. Use of iPod will surely increases your music quotient. You won’t feel nice if you lose your music files from the storage device of Mac device. If you are waiting eagerly to find one-stop solution for all your media recovery issues, then opt for media recovery tool for Mac. It is a magnificent tool, that can retrieve music files on Mac devices, you can simply use this tool on Mac computers, laptops and other Mac based device with utmost ease.

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