Retrieve Music Files on Mac Computer

Lost music files from your Mac system, which were meaningful to you? Don’t worry you can restore them back again along with other media files. However, losing music files can be frustrating, as these files are best entertaining source and makes soothing effect when you hear them. Unfortunately, you might lose them from your Mac device because of some unexpected reasons. List of these reasons includes accidental deletion, formatting, corruption, virus infection etc..

No matter how long the list may be for losing music files using Recover Media Files app you can easily recover them at your fingertips. Before that, consider this scenario, suppose you were listing audios on your iPod, which is a Mac based device and on the same time you try to download some of the latest music files using iTunes. While you were doing this you are notified from your iPod by a message that says “not enough memory, delete some data” after seeing this you subconsciously press delete all button, as you were involved in listening to music. This subconscious action can make you lose all the mp3’s and media files from your iPod. This can even happen on your Mac system and laptops. Let’s see some more scenarios in deep.

Unsuccessful file transfer: Suppose you are trying to move some of your audios files to your Mac computer from your USB drive. Instead of copying single file, you select all and use cut paste method. If this method gets completed successfully then it’s well and good, on the other hand if this doesn’t then you might end up losing files.

Sudden system close: Every system need to be close in a proper way and in a systematic method or else sudden shutdown might make some undesired able changes to your system and result in inaccessibility of drive, which indirectly result in file loss that may include audios files.

Command shift delete: These are the normal keys that are present on the Mac keyboard but, making use of them in a combination can empty your trash folder without your knowledge and result in deletion of files. Suppose you might have moved a collection of your music file to trash folder, which you don’t even remember and make use of this key combination and lose those music files. Adding to this, it can even be a case with your precious video files. So, if you want to recover deleted video files, then this recovery app will help you to complete recovery of video files.

Software malfunctioning: Suppose you synchronized your song collections to a iTunes library in iPod software that you can easily manage your favorite tracks, but at times error generated in iTunes can make all your favorite tracks inaccessible.

Just download the demo version of media file recovery to retrieve music files on Mac computer, as it is the best media recovery tools. It is incorporated with advance revival techniques and capable to recover deleted media files from blackberry in just couple of minutes. Software executes a complete drive scan and search files over three hundred and mover in just one scan. It can be utilized to get back files from external hard drives like pen drive, external HDD, memory card etc. Software also supports recovery of music files from Windows operating, because of which you can even undelete windows media player files at your fingertips using this magnificent software.

Note: You can make use of this amazing tool to recover media files from memory card with ease in just a fraction of second.

Steps to Retrieve Music Files on Mac System-

  • Download and install free demo edition of recover media files software. After launching, select one option according to your data loss from the main window, as shown in Figure 1
  • Retrieve Music Files on Mac - Main Window

    FIGURE 1: Main Window

  • Select the Mac volume from where you want to recover music files in the second screen as shown in Figure 2. Software starts the thorough scanning process.
  • Retrieve Music Files on Mac - Select Volume

    FIGURE 2: Select Volume

  • You can view recovered file from Mac and also save the recovery session as shown in Figure 3 in "FILE TYPE VIEW/DATA VIEW".
  • Retrieve Music Files on Mac - Save Recovery Session

    FIGURE 3: Save Recovery Session

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users