Recover Media Files on Android Phones

Mobile devices have become smarter with the invention of Android OS platform. It has now become the number 1 choice for Smartphone user’s across the Globe. We all are aware of the fact that how different is Android from other Smartphone. The continuous development of new apps makes people desire to owe them endless. But, loss of media data files from Android phones has become more common than before. The reasons behind loss / deletion of media files or folders vary from human mis-operation to technical issues. This kind of issues are severe and are not rare as most of the people come across such issues. Loss or deletion of files from Android device can take place on BlackBerry, Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, Micromax, HTC etc. But now you can recover deleted media files from blackberry by using this ultimate Android recovery software.

Amazing Property of “Recover Media Files Android” Software

  1. Recover Media Files Android is the software that has been designed for all different brands of Android phones that Windows OS supports. This application rigorously scans both external and internal phone memory to find out all the lost and deleted media files along with APK files. After the scan process gets over this software restores the entire recovered file in new destination folder. This tool also has the ability to create SD card replica image files to perform recovery at later stage.

  2. This software is actually a multitasking program. As it is compatible with Windows OS, hence one can run this on any version of Windows OS ranging from Windows XP to Windows 8 to get back deleted media files from external HDD or internal drives or partition within minutes. The launching of this standalone product to undelete windows media player files easy.

Prevention Measures

  • Install an updated antivirus software program to combat deadly viruses and malwares.

  • Always copy your Android phones vital data and media files to an external storage device such as CDs or DVDs thereby maintain the backup of the important media files.

  • Don’t remove your android smart phone abruptly during transfer process between your Android phone and computer.

Software also supports file recovery from Mac OS, as there is a separate version for Mac operating designed by designers to retrieve music files on Mac system.

Some of the Common Scenarios behind Deletion of Media Files-

  1. Have you ever accidentally deleted some of the media files or have you ever formatted the SD card imprudently when you were playing a media file on your Windows OS by connecting the device to your computer? We often end up with such errors that create hurdles in future. But one does not have to worry more. Click on the download option and start using the software to get back media files from your Android phone.

  2. Since your Android phone is very sophisticated device, it can become infected by virus. Prolong stay of malwares on your Smartphone could even corrupt your memory card as a result file become inaccessible. On running antivirus scan on your mobile device could also delete some of your photo or video files that were infected by virus.

  3. Android OS corruption or damage in the FAT or BOOT area of the gadget is also ranked in the list of the reason behind loss of files from Android phones.

  4. Some of the other reasons can be listed as-
    1. Phone displaying “Blank Media” or “Unsupported File System” SD card.
    2. Improper handling of the phone.
    3. Abrupt removal of the memory card from the device.

Steps to Recover Media Files Android

  • Connect the Android device to your computer by external USB cable and let the phone get detected as in Figure 1. Download and install free demo version of Android Photo Recovery Software. After the software is launched, select either “RECOVER DELETED FILES” or “RECOVER LOST FILES” from the main window.
  • connection


  • Select the Android device from where you want to recover files in the second screen in Figure 2. Software starts the thorough scanning process.
  • Second Screen


  • You can view recovered file as shown in below Figure 3 in “FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW”.
  • View File Type