App to Password Protect Photos on iPhone

Do you have any photos on your iPhone device that you wish to protect from unauthorized access (or) from colleagues while they are casually flipping through the photo albums on your iOS device? Then you are in the right place! Your iPhone is your work and leisure lifeline. You use and take it for work, carry it with you on vacations, birthday parties, dates, tours etc and capture hundreds and thousands of pictures with it. However just imagine about the worst case scenario, for instance your iPhone is lost, misplaced or stolen. What if all your precious and memorable photos are misused? Is it sounds very scary? I guess your answer must be yes! Such situation can be easily avoided by assigning password to crucial photo file. Just read on this article and find out on how to assign password to those important photos present in your iPhone device.

How to assign password protection to photo files on iPhone?

There are two easy ways through which you can assign password protect photos in iPhone cell phone. The first is using inbuilt feature and the other using a reliable third party application. So let’s have a look at both the techniques:

The built in techniques to assign password protection or hide your photos in iPhone includes, cropping up the image file and saving the file in your photo gallery (or) using the free WinZip utility to add, compress and password protect photos on your iPhone device. However the major disadvantage of using the built in features is these techniques are inefficient as they are more prone to problems such as corruption and damage. Hence it is safe to download and use a reliable iOS app to password protect photos in iPhone.

Which application to download and use?

Remo MORE for iOS is a wonderful utility which you can use in this kind of situations. This all in one iOS app helps users to easily assign password to their one or multiple photo albums. After using this application you can make sure that none of your photo files can be accessed by anyone except you. More to this the app can also be used to assign password to other files such as videos, address books and bookmarks. By using this tool you can lock your iOS device photos without spending a single penny, because this app is completely free.

Some of its best features:

  • It assign password protection to photos stored on your iPhone device in few clicks
  • Built with very interactive and friendly design
  • By using “Private Locker” option of this tool you can even lock and hide files
  • Offers it users technical support on all days on the year

Steps to Password Protect Photos in iPhone -

  • Step 1: First download Remo MORE app on your iPhone and install it. Launch the application and select “Manage” option from the main window.
  • How to Password Protect Photos in iPhone - Select Manage Option


  • Step 2: From the second window select “Locker” option.
  • How to Password Protect Photos in iPhone - Select Locker Option

  • Step3: On the next screen you will find two option first is “My Photos” and second is ”My Videos”. Select “My Photos” option in order to lock photo files.
  • How to Password Protect Photos in iPhone - Select My Photos Option

  • Step 4: After this you will get a list of the photo files. Choose the photos which you want to lock and click on “Lock” button.
  • How to Password Protect Photos in iPhone - Select Lock Button