Restore Deleted Media Files from BlackBerry Card

BlackBerry is a series of wireless handheld device (cell phones / Smartphone), which is serviced, crafted and marketed by RIM Ltd (Research In Motion). So far BlackBerry has launched email pagers, tablet computers, Smartphone. The BlackBerry is one of the famous Smartphone developing organizations. One can shoot photos, take videos, play music, perform online functions such as instant messages, emailing and web browsing etc. Since one can perform multiple devices on their BlackBerry mobile devices, there are maximum chances of occurrence of accidental deletion of media files from its storage device or missing of audio or video files from the specified device. Earlier, it was a matter to worry about how to recover deleted wma files from BlackBerry mobile gadgets. But, with the steady advent of technology, it is no longer a matter of concern. You must be aware that no file gets permanently deleted from your storage media, unless and until they are being overwritten innumerable number of times.

Media files (audio, video and image) etc may get deleted from your BlackBerry due to:

  1. Unintentionally / inadvertently deleting a particular picture or entire photo folder instead of a non-appealing image from BlackBerry mobile phones.

  2. Unknowingly clicking on the option “Reset Factory Setting” on BlackBerry Smartphone resets the entire settings of the gadget, thereby sometimes results into deletion of certain media files.

  3. During the transferring of audio files from one device to another via Bluetooth, hitting on the “Delete” option results into indirect loss of media files.

Sneak a Look at a Common Scenario-

There are many different reasons behind how a media file or an entire folder may vanish from your mobile’s memory storage device. Let us have a glance at the most common one. It must have took place with almost all of us sometime or the other while transferring files from the card on the mobile device to the personal computer (Windows or Mac OS). You may attempt to transfer certain media files from your Smartphone to your local machine. But the process got interrupted due to sudden freezing of the system and before realizing this, you have already deleted the preselected file or folder by pressing or clicking on the deadly “Delete” button. Now, that everything got deleted, are you wondering for a recovery kit that can magnificently recover deleted media files from blackberry Phone? If so then, you must instantly click on the Download button on this page depending the OS you use. By downloading and then installing this wizard on your system, you can recover media files Android on your Smartphone by connecting it to your desktop / laptop. This application is compatible with different brands that are involved into the designing of Android devices such as BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung, Micromax, LG, Motorola, Sony and lot more. This is one of the best tool to undelete photos from SD card easily. With the aid of this restoration program, you can perform portable media player file recovery and restoring data back by connecting it to all versions of both Windows and Mac.

Glimpse at the Feature of this Restoration Software-

This particular product is known for its fast recovery process of deleted / lost images, audio and video files, from system’s local hard disk, external drives, memory cards of mobile phones, tablet computers, Smartphones, flash drives, fire wire drives, iPods, iPads etc. This program supports to recover deleted media files from blackberry from FAT 16, FAT 32, ExtFAT, FAT 12, NTFS 5, NTFS, HFS, HFS+ partition / drives. You can easily recover deleted video files, pictures, songs and many other media files just within few simple clicks. One can restart the recover process anytime after selecting the “Save Recovery Session” feature. The most amazing fact is that one can opt to preview the recover files based on their file type prior to the restoration of the files and folders. Now with the advent of technology, it has been possible for us to retrieve music files on Mac operating system using this revival tool.

Have your favorite music files got accidentally deleted? Do you want to know how to recover songs from Windows 10? Don’t worry; with the help of Recover Media Files tool, you can perform such a task in a hassle-free way.

Precautions to be Maintained-

Whenever you transfer media files from one your system to external drive or vice versa from the media plyer play list, be careful that you do not hit in the "Delete" button imprudently. Keep running antivirus program on your system to check for virus infection.

Take a backup of the existing media files and keep updating it to avoid their loss. This suggestion is also applicable if you own a camera where you have stored most of your pictures. You never know when you may delete the pictures on your camera by mistake. Therefore you must take a backup of such pictures to avoid their loss. In case if you forget to take the backup and lose your crucial pictures accidentally then you need to use this tool in that condition to restore deleted pictures from camera devices easily.

How Media Files Get Deleted from Your BlackBerry Gadgets?

  • You may lose some your media files when your BlackBerry mass memory gets infected by suspicious virus and turns few of the media files into short cuts. Other than this severe malware infection makes your storage card inaccessible or particular file refuses to mount up on repeated access. At this point, you definitely need to make use of a reliable third party application.

  • One may lose files from the Video folder of their Smartphone, while transferring them to their computer or to other gadgets. This occurs when the file transfer process gets interrupted in between.

  • The last but not the least is human errors. Accidentally deleting stuffs from computer, mobile phones, memory cards, HDD is something humans are addicted to. We may end up deleting some really important and precious recorded video file of our past inadvertently when attempting to delete multiple folders at a time from the mobile’s storage media.

  • Sometimes your Windows Media File may get deleted while you try to connect your BlackBerry device to your system in order to transfer audio photo files from one device to the other. There can be innumerable vulnerable reasons behind such abnormality. But now, it is even easier to undelete windows media player files using this standalone and impressive utility.

Step to recover deleted media files from blackberry-

  • In order to recover deleted media files from your BlackBerry Smartphone, user first needs to download this recovery software and launch it on their computer. In the main screen from either of the two option user needs to hit the option "Recover Photos" and proceed further to restore back all the deleted media files as in Figure 1.
  • Main Screen


  • From the new window in Figure 2 that pops up, user need to select the option "Recover Deleted Photos" and click on the next button to move ahead.
  • Second Screen


  • Once you click the next button, a new screen similar to the one in Figure 3 pops out, in this new screen you have to select a particular drive from which they want to recover deleted mp3 files. In case of external storage card user can click on the option Memory card.
  • Drive Selection


  • Once the particular drive is selected, a thorough scan randomly checks for all the deleted items and restores it back in a new location.User here can preview the file type after the recovery process is over either in "Data Type View" or "File Type View" and hence if satisfied with the recovery process can save the retrieved file as in Figure 4.
  • Preview


For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users