Easily Delete Duplicate Music Files

If you are fond of music and love to collect music of your favorite singer then chances are that you might have duplicate music files on your system. Presence of duplicate files on your system creates a lot of difficulties for users. One of the major problems which are experienced by users is that they got confused whether which music files are original and which one are duplicates. It takes a long time to find out original music files. If you want to delete all the duplicate files from your system to get rid of such type of problem then Remo MORE is best software, which can assist you to find and remove duplicate music files.

If there is an accumulation of duplicate music files on your computer then your system starts working slow and its performance goes down.  This issue makes you disturbed and consumes a lot of time to accomplish your work.  In addition to performance issue it also wastes memory space of your hard drive and because of this you might run out of memory space.  Hence, you need to find and delete duplicate music files from your computer. However, the big problem is here that how to find and delete duplicate music files on your system.

There are basically two ways you can delete duplicate music files from computer. You can search folder by folder for duplicate music files but this process will take a lot of time and effort. This does not suit for person having busy schedule.  People having busy schedule prefer to make us of an automated tool which can search and delete duplicate files from your system.

To address this problem of users software developers have come up with a solution in the form of Remo MORE.  This application contains a highly advanced algorithm that helps it to detect duplicate music files from system with ease.  It is easy to use and it also provides a step by step guide to its user on how to delete duplicate files.  MORE has earned a special credit among the users and is used across the globe.  You can use this tool to recover not only duplicate music files but can also recover different types of data based on the requirement and search criteria that you will customize it for detecting files on your system.  This application is completely free of cost and does not take time in downloading from internet.  In case your system is full from duplicate files, you can use MORE; it will eradicate all duplicate music files and generate a detailed list of duplicate music files. You can easily decide which file to delete and which to retain on your system by looking at given report and later you can select appropriate option between permanently delete or send to Recycle Bin for deletion of duplicate music files as per your need.

Easy steps to delete duplicate music files:

  • Step1: Download and install MORE and launch the tool, select Optimize option from main screen and then choose Remove Duplicates option from next screen as shown in figure 1.
  • How to Delete Duplicate Music Files - Select Remove Duplicates

    Figure 1: Select Remove Duplicates

  • Step2: Select Find Duplicate- Folder as shown in the figure 2.
  • How to Delete Duplicate Music Files - Select Find Duplicate- Folder

    Figure 2: Select Find Duplicate- Folder

  • Step3: Select Add Folders and choose the folder from which you want to find duplicate music files as shown in Figure 3. From next screen customize your search option by selecting audio radio button after this MORE will start scanning your folder to find duplicate files.
  • How to Delete Duplicate Music Files - Select Add Folders

    Figure 3: Select Add Folders

  • Step4: Now, you can select and delete duplicate music files as shown in figure 4.
  • How to Delete Duplicate Music Files - Select Duplicate Music File and Delete

    Figure 4: Select Duplicate Music File and Delete