Email Videos by Compressing

Always it will be a great issue to send large video files as email attachments. If you need to send a video clip of memorable moments via mail the compressing is good idea to do so. If you are looking for sending large size video file via email then you should make use Remo MORE. This tool comes handy to Zip large size video file into archive file with ease.

Why to compress video file?

There is a lot of benefit you can get from compressing video files. One of them is by compressing video you can save memory space on your storage drive. Other benefit is you can easily attach compressed video file with email. As, we all are aware of the fact that due to file size limit, files greater than a special size cannot be uploaded, thus compression comes handy here.  After compressing video file.

How compression reduces size of video file?

At first glance it looks very mysterious that how the file size is reduced after compressing it. When you compress a video file then all the bits and bytes of that video data is reduced according with a standard algorithm and when you extract them then it comes back into its original form without loss of single bit.

Generally, it has been noted that a file contains many redundant; it has same information listed again and again. File compression application, instead of listing that piece of information again and again, lists that piece of data once and then refers it whenever it appears in the original file. This technique depends on type of algorithm is being used to compress the file.

Why to use Remo MORE for compressing video file?

Remo MORE is a unique tool which is developed with a robust algorithm which compresses video file without any data loss. This tool follows the standard compression pattern defined by industry specification. It has become buzz word among the users and also has got a special identity across the globe. It has a very attractive user interface which gives a special look to this software and assists user to interact easily. This tool is completely free of cost. The best thing about this tool is that it does not modify the content of original file. MORE provides you a facility by making use of that you can set the destination where you want to save compressed file.  You can also name the compressed file as per your choice.

I would recommend you to make use of Remo MORE in case you are looking for a tool to compress video files for emailing it. You can use this tool to Zip video, audio and many other file types in just a few clicks of mouse. Remo MORE has earned credit of reliability and superb performance and has become first choice of users. It also has been recommended by industry experts for its amazing performance.  This unique tool is available without any charge.

Easy steps to compress video for email:

  • Step1: Download and install Remo MORE and launch the tool, select Manage option from main screen and then choose Compress & Burn option from this screen as shown in figure 1.
  • Compress Video for Email - Select Compress & Burn Option

    Figure 1: Select Compress & Burn Option

  • Step2: Select Zip and from next screen choose Create new RZip File as shown in the figure 2.
  • Compress Video for Email - Select Create new RZip File

    Figure 2: Select Create new RZip File

  • Step3: Here in this screen you have to provide the name of Zip file and select Compression Method as shown in Figure 3.
  • Compress Video for Email - Select Zip File Name and Compression Method

    Figure 3: Select Zip File Name and Compression Method.

  • Step4: Now, you have to select video file which you want to compress from this screen by selecting Add Files option as shown in figure 4.
  • Compress Video for Email - Select File and Choose Compress Tab

    Figure 4: Select File and Choose Compress Tab.